Ashlea Sanders is a graduate of the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. She has worked in the real estate and construction fields for over 10 years. Upon moving to Kansas City in 2004, she was first employed by a commercial appraisal firm. During that time, Ashlea completed several hours of appraisal study including two basic appraisal courses as well as income capitalization and advanced income capitalization. In 2006, Ashlea joined her husband Tony at Sanders Management, Inc. and is now the Chief Financial Officer. Concurrently, Ashlea has assisted various business owners with both the organization and dissolution of numerous other entities. Her areas of expertise include accounting, finance, licensing, operations and human relations. Ashlea is pleased to be surrounded by a remarkably dynamic team that exudes the professionalism of a large corporation while maintaining the comforts of a family run business.